Lewis School was created in 1982 for students who are motivated to learn using the independent study method. Approximately 130 students, grades K-12, are served each school year, and typically about 75% of these are at the secondary grade level. The school serves various unique populations, including:

  • Students with special needs or unique educational interests.
  • Students wishing to progress at an accelerated pace
  • Students who have experienced conflict or little success in a traditional school
  • Students “home study family” wanting professional services
  • Students with medical problems
  • Pregnant minors and teen parents
  • Students with various other individual needs

Located in the city of Clearlake in the southern region of Lake County, Lewis School is located on the district’s former middle school campus located between Yuba Community College and St. Helena Hospital, Clearlake.  A rural community, Clearlake’s local economy is dependent on summer recreation based around Clearlake as well as agriculture with an increasing number of vineyards being established.  Lewis School accepts students from each of the district’s four elementary schools (Burns Valley, Eastlake, Lower Lake, and Pomo) and Lower Lake High School.

Schoolwide Learning Outcomes:

  • Richard H. Lewis students are self-directed learners who are gaining college and career readiness with 21st Century skills across the curriculum.
  • Lewis students are flexible thinkers who are literate in information, communications and technology.
  • Lewis students are critical thinkers and problem solvers who demonstrate productivity and accountability to assume shared responsibility for their educational journey.
  • Lewis students are life skill oriented, taking initiative, working independently, and demonstrate perseverance.


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